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    Thermos window replacement

    When your thermos windows are always fogged or dirty looks between the two panes, the ideal solution is to replace the sealed unit (thermos) with a 15 year warranty. This applies to the windows of course also of wood and PVC, aluminum and hybrid.


    Window caulking

    Replacing the caulk your home is an important step to protect your investment. Always remove the old product requires a skill that we take good care to make, clean and degrease before applying the new product will eliminate costly damage such as mold, air infiltration and water as well as high cost of heating.


    Aluminium window

    The aluminum cover your windows is a restoration technique without having to replace all the windows in your building. We have over 60 colors of aluminum available and several styles of folding or reliefs to showcase your property.


    Window mecanism reparation

    There are different types of mechanisms for crank windows: an arm, a folding arm, two arms, two folding arm, guy etc … It is common for this type of mechanism desajuste over time or even the gear broke. At work, adjust or replace if necessary and lubricate moving parts are still made.


    Weatherstripping window

    Improved cold-cuts (kick weatherstripping) allows windows to comply with standards. The advantages are many: reduced energy costs, reduced noise from outside, more efficient windows, improving occupant comfort. We have a range of cold-cuts to replace the old flat, dry, broken or non-existent.


    Wooden window reparation

    At the scene, we always check the condition of the wood. When the timber is damaged, blackened or rotten, we can repair on site moldings, frames, jambs or appropriate to bring it to the workshop to rebuild the rotten parts.



    To prevent damage ou your masonry wall, bricks, stucco, acrylic or aggregates. Silicate base application penetrate surface to build a barrier against bad weather, water, heat and decoloration. Drying in few hours, can also be paint. Protect your investment!